I'm Camilo Holguin.

My interest in web development started self-taught in 2004, initially focusing on creating web pages with HTML and CSS. During this stage, I faced technical challenges, such as adapting different stylesheets for various versions of Internet Explorer and overcoming the limitations of browsers like IE6. This period was characterized by rigorous learning and constant adaptation to new technologies. From 2004 to 2010, I specialized in converting PSD designs to HTML, an essential skill in my professional development.

In 2013, my professional career began when I joined Integro, a transformative stage where I expanded my skills in CMS like WordPress and Joomla. This was my first significant experience with teamwork and effective collaboration, especially using tools like GitHub. During this period, I specialized in front-end frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation and preprocessors like SASS and Less. Additionally, I delved into design methodologies like BEM and SMACSS, significantly improving my skills in jQuery.

In 2015, I started a remote collaboration with Synergie Digitale Inc., where I deepened the development of eCommerce solutions with WooCommerce and explored various CMS platforms, including WordPress and Perch. My most notable project was the creation of an advanced premium template for ThemeForest, a challenge that merged technical innovation and creativity, marking a key point in my career.

Since 2018, I have consolidated my freelance career, working with various agencies and perfecting my specialization in WordPress, as well as expanding my technological knowledge by delving into React.js for SPA development. This evolution has greatly enriched my technical spectrum and allowed me to offer advanced and current web solutions.

Currently, I collaborate remotely as an essential part of the WonderCraft team, developing customized solutions in Shopify and WordPress, using Next.js for headless projects, and Contentful as CMS, integrating TypeScript into my JavaScript developments. Recently, I have been involved in an innovative metaverse project for Sotheby's, which has been as exciting as challenging.

With more than ten years in the industry, I have learned that success in web development is achieved by constantly evolving and maintaining high-quality standards in every project.